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Why buy and burn 'Kiln dried' logs :



Why buy and burn ‘kiln dried’ logs?


Kiln dried means dried in a kiln, usually with forced hot air and controlled ventilation.  The logs produced will have a moisture content of less than 20%.


Our logs are air dried and stored under cover at high ambient temperature . They are guaranteed to have a moisture content of less than 20%, the same as kiln dried but the process is more environmentally friendly.


Advantages of my very low moisture content logs :


•Easy to light

•Clean burn

•More energy output per log

•Last longer

•High output even with your stove turned down

•Locally sourced  

•Competitive price because no costly drying process


How to get the best from your low moisture logs:


•Once your logs are alight, it is important to control the burn otherwise you will have a very hot, fast burning fire.

•Get the fire going until you have a good bed of embers

•Put three more logs on top and turn everything down to minimum. The fire will burn gently for hours, pumping out heat.

•When that has burned down to embers, put three more logs on top, open the air vents to get it burning well then shut it all down once again.

•With an open fire, control the size by burning it to a good bed of embers and adding one or two logs at a time.


Burning seasoned logs :


The moisture content of seasoned logs can be quite variable, generally between 25% and 50%, depending on how long and how they have been seasoned. This moisture has to be boiled off before the log can burn and a lot of heat energy is lost up the chimney in the steam which carries the corrosive tars.

•The higher the moisture content, the more difficult the logs are to light, they tend to smoke and smolder and blacken the stove glass

• Increased amounts of corrosive tars are deposited in the flue due to the condensing steam which can cause damage and increase the risk of a chimney fire

•Less energy output per log

•The fire needs to be kept burning fast to evaporate the water in the logs which would otherwise snuff out the fire.